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Monday, December 14, 2009

Welcome to the GreatAupair Blog. Since 2001 when GreatAupair was founded by Shannon and Jamie Pitts, one of GreatAupair’s goals has always been to support families and to recognize their unique childcare needs.

According to Jamie, GreatAupair was “born out of a seed that was planted in our hearts for this business.”  With Jamie’s words behind each decision we make, the GreatAupair team has created a new resource for nannies, babysitters, childcare providers, and families worldwide.

    It is our goal to provide:

  • Resources to assist families as they hire their nanny or childcare provider.
  • Resources for au pairs and nannies as they search for quality positions.
  • Tools for maintaining the Nanny and Family working relationship.
  • Quality parenting resources.
  • Resources and professional development tools for nannies and au pairs.

Of course we anticipate our users interacting and providing their input as well. The GreatAupair Blog is not just the voice of the team at GreatAupair but also our community. Share your comments, ideas, and input with our team to help GreatAupair shape the Internet’s leading childcare and parenting community.

Our team has witnessed the evolution and grown of the Internet since since we began in 2001. However, during this time, there is one consistent factor in the lives of families that hasn’t changed. That is the time constraints faced by parents and the need for support with childcare viagra sans ordonnance france.

GreatAupair has helped thousands of families throughout the world save time by offering the tools to locate and hire their caregivers. Our blog will continue to support customers beyond hiring their caregivers by offering both families and care providers a single ongoing resource and online community.

Over the last four years, as I have spoken to families in the US, UK, and throughout the world, I am reminded that although each GreatAupair family is different, their desire to locate quality, affordable childcare solutions remains the same. What that solution looks like is unique to each family.

As our children grow, their needs change, our family’s needs change, and it is my wish that the GreatAupair blog will be of help to our customers as they travel throughout each stage of their family’s life and the different childcare solutions they may seek.

Be sure to learn how GreatAupair came to be in our co-founder Shannon Pitts’ own words by reading the GreatAupair Founders Story.

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