How Great Aupair Began Founders Story

Friday, December 11, 2009

greataupairpittsfamilyIn 1999 my wife, Jamie was feeling buried by the responsibilities of our two kids, their activities, homework and managing the household while I was putting in very long hours and traveling extensively for an Internet startup.

The quality of our family life was suffering as there simply was not enough time in a day for us to find the joy and balance we knew was critical to our happiness. It was clear we needed some help but our options were limited and online resources were scarce.

When the Internet bubble burst in early 2001, the dreams of many Internet entrepreneurs were shattered and many in that sector found themselves out of work, including me, Shannon Pitts, (now President of

After the stress of many long hours that resulted in a lost company and a disjointed family, Jamie and I knew there had to be a better formula for living a more harmonious and balanced life. As professionals and parents, we understood the needs and concerns of other busy parents who were seeking trustworthy, affordable care.

So from the lessons and ashes of the “dotbomb”, Jamie and I risked what was left of our personal savings to solve a problem for the greater good of parents and care givers worldwide.

In the fall of 2001 was borne out of our shared vision to help restore balance to family life – by offering trustworthy, affordable care. To do it right, we understood that the online experience had to be the best – which meant offering the greatest number of jobs and candidates while giving customers complete control over their hiring and job search process. Being the best also meant providing more resources and better support, with a dedicated, knowledgeable support team who you could actually reach by phone.

Between my background as an advertising and online operations executive and Jamie’s family counseling experience we created a plan and built a team of highly talented people with industry specific knowledge, depth of character and compassionate hearts, who understood and fully embodied our vision.

Our beginnings were humble. Yet we knew we had struck a chord with parents and job seekers alike as doubled in size year over year until it became the world’s largest, most trusted online provider of domestic services with au pairs, nannies, babysitters, pet sitters, housekeepers and eldercare.

Amidst an increasingly competitive market, we remain dedicated to offering you ever greater value by continuously improving and expanding our services.  We are not a venture funded business. Jamie and I invested our life’s savings, which means our commitment to you knows no ends. We are not Harvard MBAs. We are hard working parents and professionals who care more about improving the quality of family life than we do about titles at the end of our names.

Our goal is simple. We want to provide families and care providers with the safest, most convenient way to find each other online.  We hope our service enriches the quality of your life whether you’re a parent or a care giver. If it doesn’t, please tell us how we can better server you and we will.

Most Sincerely,

Shannon Pitts

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  • Claudio Morgia on August 20th, 2010

    Shannon and Jamie,
    thank you very much for investing so much time, resources and efforts in this service.
    As a father, you already helped me a lot to figure out that such service was available and trustworthy.

    We already host an aupair in our house in France and we are going to select a new one for the next year, thanks to your friendly and effective web site 🙂

    Thanks a lot,

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