Meet GreatAupair Blogger: Jamie Pitts

Often referred to as the ‘heart’ behind, Jamie Pitts co-founded GreatAupair and InteliMark Enterprises in 2001 where she currently serves as EVP of Finance and Customer Service.

Jamie obtained her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology in 1991 as a means to help families, children and couples find greater happiness and purpose in life through a holistic approach.

Through her practice, Jamie recognized the importance of truly being present for her family which led to her decision to be a full-time stay-at-home Mom during her children’s formative years.

Managing the household and raising her two children while her husband was often traveling for business or working 16 hour days for his internet start-up company, proved to be challenging at times. In an effort to maintain balance, Jamie sought out part-time child care providers and local resources only to be disappointed by her options which lead to the idea and eventual development and launch of

As one of GreatAupair’s bloggers, Jamie shares her knowledge and passion for helping families by sharing her thoughts, resources, and suggestions on living a healthy balanced life.

When we asked Jamie what she loves about being a part of GreatAupair she replied, It’s exciting and rewarding to be a part of a company that is changing lives and helping people all over the world. Opportunities are born everyday for aupairs and nannies as families reach out to find their trusted help. New experiences unfold. Strangers become family. It’s a win win for everyone! I am also incredibly thankful to work with a wonderful team of people, whose dedication, contributions and sincere caring, have made this journey a labor of love.