Meet GreatAupair Blogger: Susie Crow

Susie Crow, GreatAupair’s Customer Support Manager, has been a cherished member of the GreatAupair team since 2003.

Her organizational skills, insightful judgment, conscientiousness and commitment to excellence have helped us to provide the best service possible for our customers.

Susie’s technical skills and knowledge of International Visa requirements are unmatched by anyone on our support team, making her a great asset to both the families and aupairs using

Right before joining GreatAupair Susie worked in the corporate world at Intel as a training manager, where she trained new employees and developed training materials. Prior to working at Intel she ran the daily operations for The Park & Playground company, where she was the primary point of contact for customers and vendors. Susie’s organizational skills have been an asset to every company she has worked for and to this day she keeps us on our toes.

When we asked Susie what she loves about being a part of GreatAupair she replied,My initial feelings, when first joining GreatAupair was an appreciation for the integrity and grounded consciousness I found in the owners. I’ve always felt like a valued member of the team, where input and suggestions are respectfully considered. On a day-to day basis I enjoy the variety of situations we encounter; I like hearing about a problem and being able to offer a creative solution. It’s even fun for me to look over a profile and offer suggestions of how to refine the search filters or information to make it easier for aupairs & families to find their match.