Meet GreatAuPair Blogger: Katherine Berkley

Katherine Berkley has been a professional career nanny for the past nine years and prides herself in being able to provide the very best possible care and environment for her charges. Her many years of experience and training in early childhood education allow her to be one of the most turned to and respected in-home child care specialists in her community. Not only has she been hired to provide regular nanny services, but she has also been sought out by many families to help with sleep training, potty training, and baby sign language instruction.

Her extensive knowledge of child development has permitted her to work for families with premature infants, special-needs children, and multiples like twins, triplets, and even octuplets! Her most elaborate assignment was caring for Nadya Suleman’s eight tiny babies as her head night nanny just days after they came home from the hospital. What a joy it was for her to care for and nurture those precious children while helping them achieve the physical and developmental milestones that can be delayed due to premature birth. This wonderful opportunity of helping a family desperately in need still to this day reminds Katherine of why she has such a passion for her profession.

As a mother of a three-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Katherine has been on both sides of the employer-nanny spectrum. Being a full-time working mom, she knows how hard it can be to trust someone to care for your children the way you would. She is also aware of how difficult but extremely rewarding and fulfilling this career path can be.

As one of GreatAuPair’s bloggers, Katherine’s blogs are directed toward both families and nannies and will offer her suggestions, advice, and insight on many different child care-related topics and issues.

When we asked Katherine what she loves about being a part of GreatAuPair, she replied, “I love and appreciate being a part of a team that cares just as deeply for the nannies and aupairs as they do for the families. They work hard each and every day to make the experience of the matching process as easy and enjoyable as possible. As a dedicated subscriber for many years, it is an honor to be one of the newest members of the GreatAuPair team, who, in my opinion, are the very best in the business!”